Licensed financial trading platforms vs non licensed

financial trading binary options

financial trading binary optionsIn order to place successful trades, traders must rely on experienced and knowledgeable brokers. However, apart from experience and knowledge, it is also important that traders pick a trading platform that is both licensed and regulated. This is because unlike a non-licensed platform, the licensed trading platform is bound by certain policies and procedures, laid down by a reputed and reliable financial regulatory body. Here, find out why licensed binary options platform are safer and better than a non-licensed one.

Transparency Regarding Price:

Traders who wish to incur profits through binary options trading need to keep an eye on the live opening as well as expiry prices of their asset. Hence, it is impertinent that you trade with a certified trading platform, which is regulated by the financial regulatory bodies. This would allow traders to engage in fair and clean online activities. Remember, a financial services body upholds the requisite standards of trading and ensures that traders trade at transparent and fair prices.

Funds Safety:

Another advantage of licensed binary options trading platform is that they keep their client’s money in a separate bank account and thereby offer complete security and safety of the traders’ funds. There are certain binary options that are listed on registered financial exchanges and are overseen by the leading financial regulatory bodies of the U.S. like SEC or CFTC. However, several other binary options operate via internet-oriented platforms and hence may or may not comply with the applicable regulatory needs and standards set by the leading regulatory bodies in the United States. In recent times, there has been a surge in the amount of fraudulent schemes as well as activities involving internet based binary options platforms, which is precisely why traders must refrain from trading via non-licensed platforms.
Here you can find a list with reliable binary trading brokers to choose from. To sum up, traders who wish to enjoy genuine and legal binary options trading must rely on licensed trading platforms only. Also, it is better if they avoid binary options schemes and offers that are difficult to comprehend. Additionally, traders must check if the concerned trading platform has got their product registered (for the purpose of selling and offering) with a reputed regulatory authority such as the SEC or not. This would allow traders to access important and relevant information regarding the terms and conditions of the products that are being sold or offered in the market. Traders must also find out whether the platform in itself has been registered and certified as a binary options exchange or not.