I am a trader and I focus on options.

At some point I will become a more recognizable face and voice of the markets. This will happen as my net worth increases.

My trading model is inspired by an extremely rare and varied set of experiences and skills. The majority of my inspiration comes from the most important academic paper ever written, John Kelly’s A New Interpretation of Information Rate.

There are many paths to the truth. My path is adventurous and it reads well. Start from the beginning and join me as I document the subterfuge of the world.

I risk small amounts on puts and calls and I generate wealth when those premiums rise in value. This rise often comes exponentially, so my net worth experiences giant leaps as opposed to slow steady growth.

Whatever I do, I always keep it Business Cashual.


It is my vision that, through meaningful work and collaboration, I can better myself.

Using my inspirations as a guide, I will produce things of importance, and open doors for those that believe in themselves, and build an immense store of energy.